Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Trip Investigation- Day 2

Day 2:

  • Choose a destination from the 3 you researched yesterday.  Explain why you made that choice.
  • Research travel costs.
  • Estimate the distance in miles from Brian and Kali's home to the destination.

    For this I encouraged use of google maps.  Students had to estimate the distance between locations  using the scale at the bottom of the map.   Lots of good conversations about if they should estimate the distance across oceans or go longer distances to stay on land (example, students traveling to Cancun, Mexico) 

  • Determine mode and cost of transportation.

    This led to conversations about roundtrip versus one-way and layovers.  A lot of the students used expedia and ended up with screens showing all of the information they needed in one place!  When they got to this screen they brought me their chromebooks and we took a screenshot of the information as a way to "book" the flight.

    Here is a screenshot from one of my students: 

  • Determine the time it will take to travel.

Because I was checking answers from day 1 and "booking" flights (showing students how to save screenshots and share with partners)  I wanted students to have a way to ask questions without holding their hand in the air forever and without shouting across the room so I created a room in Today's Meet  for students to ask questions.  I was super happy with how this worked :)

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