Friday, April 19, 2013

Day 4: Jeopardy

STAAR Crunch Day 4 Agenda

1. Warm-up
2. Go over homework
3. Review Test  #12, 16, 17
4. Jeopardy
5. Homework

Today we were working on Category 4- Measurement.  Another math teacher designed a Jeopardy to go along with the problem set for today!

Each table selected a captain that received a dry erase board, marker, and tissue to erase.  Groups took turns choosing a category and point value.  Every team answered the question and the captain recorded the answer on the dry erase board.  Students turned the board over to "lock in" their answers.  Every team could earn points for every question.

Exciting moment of the day-  two of my four classes had 100% of homework completed and all day only 2 students had not completed the homework.  Very exciting for me and huge improvement from what I typically see with homework.

And a side note on the homework incentive... kids are SO generous.  I check all of my paper bags to make sure the items inside are appropriate and have been so impressed with the generosity of my students in filling these prize bags for classmates.  Several bags had $10 and $20.  Crazy.  My favorite had a comic book, baseball cards, green army men, and the handheld 20 Questions game.  I love my students!

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