Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Teacher Report Card

The last week of school I had my students complete a "Teacher Report Card" using a google form. I wish I could say I created this...but I stole/borrowed from Matt Vaudrey--> see here.

Some things I'm taking with a grain of salt because, well, I teach middle school.  So the student that gave me 1's across the board...well thanks.   But I do value my stduents' opinions and have spent time reflecting on each of these things and working on ways to improve for next year.

If you know me very well.... I was always an all A student.  My one B in high school was in PE....go ahead and laugh.  And my one B in college was in Calculus II.  So only two A's is not okay with me.  My focus this summer is going to my C's (and lower, ouch!) but I obviously have lots of work ahead of me :)

Seems to enjoy teaching- 4.52
Encourages me to be responsible- 4.54

Speaks clearly - 4.49
Uses language we can understand- 4.47
Grades fairly- 4.47
Has a great sense of humor- 4.41
Gives tests that reflect material in unit- 4.26
Leads good class discussions- 4.23
Tries new teaching methods- 4.19
Praises good work- 4.19
Provides time for review- 4.17
Encourages different opinions- 4.17
Listens to our ideas- 4.16
Gives good, fair assignments- 4.12
Dresses professionally- 4.12
Gives enough time for assignments- 4.12
Answers questions completely- 4.07

C's and below (which are just NOT ok with me)
Respects each student- 3.99
Explains topics clearly- 3.97
Treats me as an individual- 3.95
Has interesting lessons- 3.93
Tells us our learning goals- 3.86
Gives fair punishments- 3.84
Shows interest in student lives- 3.76
Has a good pace- 3.72
Makes me feel important- 3.71  (that one hurts)
Does a good job of treating all students the same- 3.69
Tries to see the students point of view- 3.69
But then I get comments like this, "We always have fun in her class, she always tries to see what the students point of view is instead of what hers is."
Keeps the class under control without being too tough- 3.47 (that is failing!)

Answers to other questions:

How can this class be improved?
"More reviewing before test so we make better grades or we stay on that topic a little longer."  - I agree...pressed with scope and sequence required by district though...
"if some of the people in class can stop being bad and listen.."  -Haha, I got a lot of responses like this... it was not the intention of the question but a lot of the students responded with ways their classmates could have improved the class.
"Ms.Stephens is more strict to the later classes than morning ones. I think she needs to loosen up just a bit." -  Ouch...maybe that is true.
"I think the class cam be improved by not getting the whole class in trouble when it is only one person." - Goal of mine...just always struggle to figure out ways to do this.
"By not having so many assignments and we need more technology" - More technology is at the top of my to do list! :)

Your friend tells you that they have Ms. Stephens next year.  What do you tell them?
"I would say sixth grade math is hard, but Ms.Stephens has you covered. She has different teaching methods than your teacher last year but I know she will get you used to it."
"I would honestly say she is an  AMAZING TEACHER but beware that you have to behave in her class because she can be strict but also fun and thats what makes her a great teacher."
"I tell them that's your fault you failed 6th grade"  Haha!

Anything else you want to tell me?
"I have loved this year I got awesome teachers and you  have been one of them you are an awesome teacher and have never enjoyed math , but this year was different this year math was actually not the most desirable class for me to go to that was P.E. Love ya  Ms.Stephens I hope my sister gets you in 2 years . "
"that i wasn't ever good at math until this year."

After reading through these one of the things that bothered me the most was the number of students that mentioned they should stay on "my good side".... I don't want to be seen as having a good or bad side.  I want to be seen as fair and consistent.  Embarrassing to admit...but maybe the first step in improving it.  My classroom management was much better than my first year...but I obviously have a ways to go in creating relationships with students but remaining firm, fair, and consistent.