Friday, April 19, 2013

Day 3: Sink the Sub

STAAR Crunch Day 4 Agenda

1. Warm-up
2. Grade Homework
3. Test #13-15
4. Sink the Sub
5. Homework

I originally found sink the sub here.  I used this game last year a few times and the kids loved it!  To switch it up, another math teacher and I split our classes in half-  half of her students would come to me and half of mine would go to her each period.  Students competed against the other class which increased motivation and resulted in less behavior problems!  It was awesome :)

Anyway,  I created a new version of Sink the Sub that does not show questions... just question # 1-25.  I also took out the answers so that I can use the game with a variety of assignments and don't have to edit each time.

I facilitated the game similar to Jenga.  Students were in two groups- boys versus girls.  I randomly chose a boy to select the coordinates on the gameboard.  Behind the tiles, there is either a picture of ocean.... or a question mark.  If the tile reveals the ocean, that team's turn is over.  If it reveals a question, EVERYONE works out that question on their own paper.  If the team misses, the other gets a chance to steal.  When they get a question correct, they move the question mark to reveal either a fish or a submarine.  Finding a submarine earns the team 5 points and a fish earns 1 point.

The kids worked 25+ problems without realizing it and while having fun :)

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