Monday, April 29, 2013

Trip Investigation- Day 1

During my green block, a student was called to the office to be signed out of school early.  Normally all of the other students moan and are jealous that the student is getting to leave... today.... THAT student moaned and said he didn't want to leave.  Success!! :)

Today each student set up a folder within their google drive and shared this folder with me.  Now any documents they need me to see, they place within this folder.  They also shared the folder with their partners.  I shared an introduction page and the rubric with students today and they made copies of these files and saved them into their folders.  This was a bit of a complicated process... I had never been through it with students before and should have had prepared instructions typed out with screenshots to refer to.  Students were not familiar with making copies and renaming files within google drive or moving documents between folders and we all got a little frustrated.  We got through it though and they were super excited about starting their research! :)

Today they had to list 3 possible destinations and choose reasons for choosing each.  They will receive a daily grade for this portion of the assignment.

I also created a document in google that was shared with all students AND Kali and Brian.  Students can post questions for Kali and Brian, and they will answer  (aren't my friends awesome for helping!?!) periodically.  Students will be able to communicate with Kali and Brian throughout the project using this document:

Minor hiccup with creating documents and folders...but we made it through and hopefully destination and travel research goes well tomorrow!

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