Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Trip Investigation- Day 3

Day 3-5 students are researching lodging, meals, activities, and any other expenses.

Today went very well.  Students continued to ask questions using Today's Meet.  As a little mini-lesson before we started, we discussed taking screenshots on the chromebooks in more detail.  We talked about how to take a screenshot, how to move that screenshot from our downloads to our google drive, and how to then move it into our trip investigation folder (so I could view photos and partners could view photos).

We talked about how they can then crop or edit that photo as well.  As students researched meals, lodging, and activities they took pictures of anything they might want to use in a presentation later :)

Some of my students struggled to find good travel resources so I just created this symbaloo that I will share with them tomorrow:

The top tiles will take them to travel resources and the bottom tiles give them options for presentations.  I will demonstrate several options next Monday....but there are others students can explore if they want to! :)

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