Monday, May 6, 2013

Trip Investigation- Day 6

Students started by summarizing all of the research from days 3-5 into this table:

After, I shared a Google Spreadsheet version of these expense tables with students and they could check their work using the spreadsheet.  I set it up to automatically calculate totals and automatically construct a bar and circle graph of the data.

My original intention was to walk students through constructing graphs in spreadsheet...but I just didn't make that happen.

Today I also shared different ways students could present.  I showed them smore, voicethread, and google presentation but left it open to them to propose other ideas as well.  And of course they were free to create a more traditional poster presentation.

I showed them each tool quickly but also created a google presentation with little pieces of information on each method and embedded how to videos for each tool.  Before students can ask me questions they have to watch these videos. View presentation here.

I'm excited to see which tools students decide to use :)  They will work on presentations tomorrow and Wednesday and we will present Thursday!

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