Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Probability Stations - Take 2

I'm keeping the volume down in cafeteria duty this morning when another math teacher's student teacher comes to find me and tell me that all the links I gave her for stations yesterday won't work on  

So...plan B.  First I panicked.  I promised the kids they would get to use chromebooks today but now I had zero idea what I was going to do.  So....I decided to wing it.  

They logged in and we talked about features of google chrome- customization, apps, and google search tips. Then I told them we were going to do an experiment with flipping coins....but since all that noise would drive me crazy, we needed a virtual coin.  We searched for virtual coin toss and ended up deciding this website would work.  They answered all the questions I'd originally planned and we were even able to see further evidence of increasing a sample size increasing accuracy since this website records total flips of all time (49.99% were heads).    

Next, I had them search for a virtual spinner.  In this case, plan B was better than plan A.  Students could go into the menu and change the spinner.  We created my vision of the spinner together and students answered the questions I had planned.  Then rather then just sketching a spinner with percents I had given them....they had to figure out how to construct it using this program.  It was so fun listening to them think through how they could make it work.  

The marble activity I had originally planned did work on chromebooks and in my first block they went through this activity.  In other classes I decided I would rather give more time to start their review to prepare for our test the next day.  

All in all, plan B > plan A in this case.  I'm starting to become more okay with that.  

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