Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 1- Technology Enabled Instruction- SXSWedu

Session 2- Technology Enabled Instruction- Hype and Promise
Panel: Ben Glazer, Harrison Keller, James Caras, Zeynep Young

This session was not what I was expecting....but seeing as I may want to pursue a career in higher education down the line... I went with it and convinced myself there was surely something I could take away form the panel discussion.

New Platforms
MOOC = Massive Open Online Course
This panel discussed that though these courses are designed to be equalizers, they are in the very intial phase of development, and at this point: old wine, new bottle.
Out of 160,000 that signed up for one course, only 14% completed the course.  The courses are designed by non-digital natives and are just more widely delivering bad instruction cheaply.

New Content
Because our world is changing so rapidly, 90% of the content will be obsolete immediately.  The selection of content was described as the purchase of dog food-  that who it is intended for is not the one making the purchasing decision.  In K-12, administration chooses instructional material that teachers use and in higher education instructors select materials that students must use.

More data is being produced or attained than is being used effectively.  The opinions of teachers are often overvalued because teachers bring their own biases to the table.  The data brings another perspective, which is sometimes shocking to teachers. We are data rich and information poor, especially concerning student learning.

In Q&A segment, an individual asked about course design.  He was referring to course design for MOOCs...but I took it for any time I design a lesson as well.  Too often I find an activity that I like and use that as a starting point for a lesson.  Instead, I need to start with the goals-  what do I want my students to learn or know as a result of a lesson?  Then, what evidence can prove that knowledge? And THEN what tasks can I use to get students there?

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