Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Advice from 6th Graders

During the last week of school, I asked my kids to write down their advice to the students who would be in my class the following year.  I encouraged them to be honest and got a glimpse into how they really felt about a few things.  Here's what they came up with--

Things to look forward to in sixth grade-
More freedom
Various fieldtrips
Teachers (a few named me, others listed our social studies teacher who is awesome)
Christmas Store
Pi Day (my favorite!!)
STAAR Carnival

Things you need to know about Ms.Stephens - 
Don't talk when she is talking
Give her respect and she will give it to you
She knows what she's doing
Don't make her mad- it ruins her day  (Oops, apparently I show my feelings a bit too easily)
She wants to listen
She wants you to work hard
Be police
She's strict
She's nice
She teaches math
She likes the Aggies
Don't sleep
She doesn't take fooling around
She has fun, but if you take advantage, she won't
Don't be loud
She's not boring
Don't pass notes- she reads them
Don't make her repeat herself (Oops again, I want them to feel like they can ask for clarification)
Helps you
Gives lots of chances (too many?)

Make sure you always-
Do homework (This was a big deal this year, but we are changing homework policy)
Follow directions
Be kind- to teachers, friends, everyone
Eat breakfast
Brush your teeth (This made me laugh)
Bring Supplies
Show respect
do your best
Have fun at the right times
Pay attention
Simplify (Yes!!! haha)
Remember Aunt Sally
Be correct  (Without them putting their names, I know exactly which of my GT boys wrote this)
Stay organized
Show your work

Make sure you never- 
Talk back
Get Zapped (Awesome program my school does to encourage students to turn in work!)
Run in hallway
Cheat on tests
Chew gum
Text in class
Glue paper to desk (Because yes, this happened)
Eat in class without a pass
Forget ID
Goof off during a serious class learning time
Break stuff
Touch girls
Lie, cheat, steal

I miss my kids!  They'll always be my first group and be special to me, but I can't wait to meet my new group and they deserve the very best too.

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